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Saturday October 21st 2017

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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues Environmental Issues should be concern to everyone. We often hear politicians and leaders discuss issues that are so much important to their country and to the world, topics regarding on economy, social issues, health and education. The importance of environmental concern usually takes the back seat, and I think this is a [...]

Sarah “Drill Baby, Drill” Palin Says Obama In Bed With Big Oil

Sarah “Drill Baby, Drill” Palin Says Obama In Bed With Big Oil

Sarah Palin is as delusional as her Fox News compatriot, Glenn Beck. This weekend Ms. Drill Baby, Drill actually claimed that the Obama administration is unlikely to come down hard on BP for its massive oil spill because…wait…wait…wait…“the oil companies … have so supported President Obama in his campaign.” The former ex-quitting [...]


It seems that politicians are the only people who can get away with murder. And mass murder at that. And not just dictators and totalitarian politicians, but elected politicians and leaders, in purportedly democratic states.             It’s a strange, perplexing mystery to many people in the West, why George D. Bush, and the [...]