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Saturday October 21st 2017

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Give Me Your Money – All Your Money!

Now that ObamaCare is law, there are many celebrations amongst those who supported the rhetoric of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. “We must take away the power of the insurance companies”; “we must fix a broken healthcare system”; “healthcare is a right and not a privilege”; and my personal favorite “there are 48 million people in this country [...]

Arizona Calling

Liberals across this great country have made many false claims since Arizona exercised its right as a state to deal with a problem claimed to be the province of the federal government. Never mind that the federal government is not dealing with the problem. Or that it is a crime to be in this country illegally; or that Arizona is taking federal law [...]

Iraq Draw Down

Some time, no news is big news.  With that in mind, I recommend a pretty good New York Times article about Barack Obama's insistence on continuing exit plans from Iraq, more or less regardless of what's happening there.  Or, at any rate, despite continued (relatively) low-level violence and considerable political uncertainty. The news here is [...]

Obama: Not Bush

Obama: Not Bush

Yeah, it's shooting fish in a barrel, but I can't help it: Mark Halperin's "Obama=W." piece is about as bad as it gets, and what's the point of blogging if you can't have a little fun on a Monday morning.  Ready?  I'll go through Halperin's four points, and then make general comments.  The bottom line, however, is that Halperin is far more [...]

Tea Baggers’ Politics of Resentment, Self-Destruction

One of the more curious developments to come out of right-wing opposition to health insurance reform and the overall Tea Bagger movement are the many examples of people vociferously opposing government programs they will or already do benefit greatly from. There has already been lots of commentary about working and middle class citizens "voting [...]

Democrats are on the side of Wall Street on financial reform

Remember this the next time you read the Democrat-sponsored financial reform bill helps contain the so-called dangers of Wall Street. Obama says this bill will end bailouts. Opponents say it will perpetuate bailouts. Then they call each other liars. The key is that they use different definitions. Obama claims that so long as taxpayer money [...]

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