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Saturday October 21st 2017

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Poverty in the United States

Poverty in the United States Poverty is considered as permanent picture in developing country, and with this article, it can help shed some light on poverty situation in the United States, many considered as the land of milk and honey.  Poverty definition varies form one nation to another, but it boils down to the purchasing power of an [...]

Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange  Once upon a time, in a far away village, a stranger appeared and told everyone that he would buy a monkey for $10 each. All local inhabitants seeing that there were many monkeys on the nearby forest seized this wonderful opportunity and started catching monkeys. The stranger bought hundreds of monkey for $10 and as the [...]

Is Capitalism, Good or Bad?

Is Capitalism, Good or Bad?  For more than a century, the debate whether is Capitalism is good or bad is still a worthy discussion. As we all know, everything has its negative and positive side. As years goes by, the original concept of capitalism has evolved, and people’s views and opinion also changes as results. Capitalism is [...]

Best and Worst

Best and Worst

Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Salary Growth Current Recession is a little kinder to many degree holders, new data from online salary data base PayScale.com shows. For some cities, people with a degree had shown median growth of up to 15% since 2007. Across the United State of America, wages for degree holder rose for an average of 3% for [...]

Economic Downturn

Economic Downturn

Recent economic recession job casualties count to 7.9 millions and most likely to increase, and this loss jobs most likely will never be recover. Lakshamn Achutan, managing director of Economic Cycle Institute said that the job losses during the Great Recession were off the chart, even though that the private sectors provide 600,00 jobs, but [...]

Democrats are on the side of Wall Street on financial reform

Remember this the next time you read the Democrat-sponsored financial reform bill helps contain the so-called dangers of Wall Street. Obama says this bill will end bailouts. Opponents say it will perpetuate bailouts. Then they call each other liars. The key is that they use different definitions. Obama claims that so long as taxpayer money [...]