The Impeachment Process

 The term impeachment are often use in preparation of reports and other general documents related to various organization and multi national corporation, but when this term is use in government meetings and function, it becomes a very intense word.

 For the government point of view, impeachment means the process of removing elected government officials that is being accused of illegal activity and /or misdemeanor. Impeachment is different from recall election. Recall election is a political charge and usually initiated by the voting public, while impeachment process is a legislative body initiated and based upon on grave misconduct.

 Definition of Impeachment Process

 Impeachment is a process of removing duly elected and high ranking government officials from the post. The United States constitution stated that any officials, from the Executive, legislative of judiciary branch of the government can be removed from the post through this process if she / he have done something wrong. The first step is filling of formal charges brought against the dependants. The complaint thus thoroughly examined by a group of independent prosecutors appointed by the judiciary committee and by the attorney general of the United States of America. After the examination, this group will submit a detailed account of the charges to the lower house of congress. If the complaint has reasonable substance, the impeachment process will continue and these reports are now called as “Articles of Impeachment”.

 The process will start with a direct resolution or an inquiry to the case filed.  The inquiry and direct resolution are two different entities, a direct resolution is a direct to the point voting process to impeach the dependants, while and inquiry calls for through examination on the case filed to find out if the impeachment procedure is appropriate, with this procedure, when the committee finds out that there are substance on the complaint against the accused, they will sends the articles of impeachment to the lower house for voting. And if the lower house voting results favors the complaint, the case will be elevated to the senate for there decision.

 Presidential Impeachment Process

 Impeachment is the last thing that any president would not want during his term. This is a serious undertaking and only four U.S. president undergone such process, they are Andrew Johnson, John Tyler, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton. How does this impeachment process progress, let us take a look on it;

 Impeachment Process in House of Representatives

  • The judiciary committee decides whether to start with the proceedings of impeachment.
  • If the impeachment process begins, the chairman of the committee will propose a resolution to the committee to begin an inquiry in the matter.
  • Based on the reports prepared during the inquiry, the committee sends a resolution to the full house stating that how the impeachment process is valid.
  • The full house will debate and cast their vote on each article of impeachment.
  • If any one of the articles of impeachment gets a majority vote, the president gets impeached. However being impeached is like being convicted, there still has to be a trial which has to be followed which is presided by the US senate.

Impeachment Process in the Senate

  • The senate session begins with receiving of the articles of impeachment.
  • The senate develops rules and procedures for holding a trial.
  • In the trial the president will be represented by his lawyers. A selected group of house members act as prosecutors. The Chief Justice of the United States presides the session with 100 senators acting as jury members.
  • The senate can also vote against the president removing him from his current office and also prohibiting him from holding any office in future.

 Now, we all know how this impeachment process applied to our president and other high ranking public officials. And in addition to all the information given, an official to be impeach, it needs two thirds (2/3) vote from the senate for the public officials to be removed from the office.