Stock Exchange

 Once upon a time, in a far away village, a stranger appeared and told everyone that he would buy a monkey for $10 each.

All local inhabitants seeing that there were many monkeys on the nearby forest seized this wonderful opportunity and started catching monkeys.

The stranger bought hundreds of monkey for $10 and as the population of monkeys started to dwindle down, local villagers stopped catching monkeys. But the stranger further announced that he would buy monkeys at S20 dollars each. These encourage the local inhabitants and started to catch monkeys again.

As expected, the population of the monkeys dwindled more and people started to go back in their farm. But the stranger offers further increase to $25, but the supply of monkeys became so scarce that seeing one is already considered as miracle.

The stranger make another announcement, that he will buy monkeys for $60 each, but he has to go back to the city to attend some other important business and appointed his assistant to do the buying on his behalf.

As the stranger travels back to the city, the assistant told the villagers that they can purchase all the monkeys in the cage for $50 and when the stranger returns from the city, they can re-sale all the monkeys for $60.

The villagers thinking that it is a good deal sum up their entire saving and brought back the entire monkey that they sold before.

The following morning while they are all waiting for the return of the strangers, they found out that the strangers assistant already left and the strangers that promise that he will buy all the monkeys for $60 never comes back.

What they have are monkeys, lots of monkeys and monkeys almost everywhere.

Sound like in Stock Market doesn’t it?

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