Facts about Illegal Immigration

 Illegal immigration rates reached an alarming figure in the United States, and the federal government knows the importance of solving this problem. With this articles, let me share you some important facts and figures regarding on this problem, which I think every concern American should know.

 > As per 2009 records, there are more than 6 million illegal alien cross the border from Mexico and another million coming from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

 > There more than 6 million illegal immigrants in Arizona alone.

 > Also in Arizona, more than 600 illegal immigrants are being arrested daily.

 > The Federal government is the processes of amending the federal immigration law.

 > There is a proposed law that allows illegal immigrants to become citizen of the United States, this after paying a sum amount of money and should know how to speak English. But this does not mean illegal alien would be allowed unabated, a stricter laws will be applied to illegal immigrants.

 > Some lawmakers attempt to amend the immigration law, but many of their own colleagues strong oppose this idea.

 > In Arizona, police officers have the power to arrest anyone who failed to produce legal documents showing that they entered the country legally, and it is also a crime to hire an illegal alien as worker.

 An individual basically considered as illegal alien if he / she enters the country without proper documentation and / or inspection, or overstaying beyond the authorized timeframe or the terms of legal entry are violated. There are also some cases that an individual enter legally and with valid documents but the documents are not inspected, it will fall under the category of “Non-Immigrant Visa over Stayed”. Another case is when an individual enter the country illegally and without any legal documents, this kind of illegal immigration is called Evasion from Immigration Inspectors.

 Another form of Illegal immigrants is those who overstayed beyond the time limit prescribed. In this scenario, an individual entered the U.S. premise with all valid documents and requirements intact, but the problem, when the time allowed for them to stay expired, they hide from the authorities and continue to stay in America illegally. This people can be tracked down by U.S. authorities by using biometric informatio0n of all the people visited the U.S.

 Problems in the United States.

 The problems with the illegal immigrants were furthermore aggravated because of the present economic recession. During the past few years, the problem with the illegal alien is not taken seriously because the economy is doing well, but as of present with the economy is in turmoil, the problem is in massive scale, with the native inhabitants and all the legal and illegal immigrants being jobless, the Obama administration is facing a enormous task to solve this problem. This illegal immigrants problem are sometime being encourage by their own mother country because of money remittances, with all the American dollars that are being sent by this illegal immigrants to their relatives left at home. It helps to boost the economy of their native country.  

 Illegal Immigration is one of the major of the United States of America, there are some few good things happen when their are illegal alien, like cheap manpower and new techniques and style to learn from them, but it can never outweigh the negative result of this problem , and this should  be stop.