America’s Healthiest Food.

 a) Berries. All berries are low in sugar and high in fiber. Blue berries have been shown to increase memory in lab studies, and raspberries and strawberries are loaded with ellagic acids, a kind of powerful anti oxidant that helps to fight cancers, this is according to the American Cancer Society. Most American needs berries to fight off cancer brought by the ongoing economic turmoil.

 b) Beans. Beans are extremely high in fiber which helps us to control our weight, it can also prevent and/or manage diabetes and blood sugar, it also helps us in preventing colon cancer and protect against heart diseases. Human needs at least 25-38 grams of fiber a day. Average American consumes only 4-11 grams daily. One cup of beans can gives 11-17 grams of fiber. Bankers and politicians from Hershey Pennsylvania need lots of fibers to regulate their blood sugar level.

 c) Nuts. Some of the largest and most important long term studies of diet and health have shown that eating nuts several times a week is consistent with a risk of heart attack and heart disease that is 30%-50% lower than the general population. An ounce of almond, macadamia, Brazil, walnuts, or pecans, eaten three to five times a week can give wonderful results. Washington needs tons of nuts.

 d) Wild Salmon. Wild salmon is the ultimate anti-aging food. Cold-water fatty fish like wild salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring contains omega-3 fats that protect the brain and the heart, improve mood and lower blood pressure and triglycerides. Governor Sandra Palin can catch wild salmon in her backyard.

 e) Raw Milk. Raw, organic milk nearly always comes from grass fed cows and contains high level of cancer fighting CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) as well as rich assortment of vitamins, minerals and beneficial bacteria ( Lactobacillus acidophilus ). Texas Representative Ron Paul planning to run on 2012 presidential election needs lots of raw milk.     

 f) Grass. Meat from grass fed cows is very much different from the meat of a cow that eats other feeds. It contains high level of omega-3, lower in potentially harmful omega-6, it is also loaded with CLA, a kind of fats knows to fight cancer cell. A superb source of protein and vitamin B12. It also contains no antibiotics, steroids and growth hormones found in the meat of a cow raised in a feedlot farms. Governor Steve Beshear of Kentucky is very lucky man to have this kind of T-bone steaks in his dinning table.

 g) Eggs. Considered by many to be nature’s most perfect food, it is high in protein and low in calories. The yolks contain choline, one of the most important nutrients for the brain, as well as lutein and xeazanthin, two important nutrients for eye health. In addition to a stunning range of vitamins and minerals, eggs also contain sulforaphane, an important chemical that helps the body in detoxifying health damaging chemicals. The Federal Reserve needs to build poultry farm inside their building.

 h) Apples. An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, it also helps fight lung cancer, diabetes and asthma. An apple contains five grams of fiber and rich blend of nutrients including bone building vitamin K and anti inflammatory nutrient called quercetin. It also helps controlling our appetite, eating an apple half an hour before the big meal decrease food intakes. This would help U.S. congressmen in decreasing their waistline.          

 i) Onions and Garlic. In an impressive number of published studies, the consumption of onions and garlic has demonstrated protective effects against stomach, prostate and esophageal cancer. Along with broccoli, tea and apples, onions and garlic are among a select group of foods found mortality from heart disease by 20%. Detroit should start planting onions and garlic’s, it would take a while before those engines roars back.

 j) Pomegranate juice. The natural Viagra by researchers at tel aviv university pomegranate juice is loaded with antioxidant. Studies show it can reduce blood pressure and plaque in the arteries. New research indicates it also slow the progression of tumors. Four to eight ounces a day is highly recommended. This is highly recommended for East coast inhabitants.

 k) Green tea though all teas are great for younger tea has a unique profile of plant chemicals that have anti-cancer activity. It is now fairly established that green tea may help prevent the following types of cancer in human bladder, colon, esophagus, pancreas, rectum and stomach. If that `s not enough, it also appears to help with weight. Toss for Harry Reid.