Happy Independence Day America by Froggy Pond.

United State of America biggest firework show lit up the night skies in a burst of red, white and blue over New York and New Jersey on Sunday, this scene was being repeated in several hundreds of communities in a magnificent end to a scorching day for much of the entire nation.

It is really amazing to watch this important annual event, “Marcos Jimenez said, a golf caddy that joined many others lining the riverfront for a prime view of the show.

Economic problem forced some communities to pull off the pyrotechnics show, fireworks giant Macy’s pyrotechnics company went on to a beautiful fireworks display in Manhattan’s West Side.

Nathan Felde, a 10 year old school boy of Folsom, California witnessed the event with his parent and 6-year-old brother, Elijah, who screamed at the sight of a glowing red circle with a blue ring around it.

NBC aired the show lived just before 9:30 p.m. with huge fireballs exploding in the night sky to the strains of patriotic tunes like ” Stars and Stripes Forever” and ” The Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

In Washington, vendors with stocked coolers hawked “cold,” “ice cold”. And even “super cold” bottles of water along Constitution Avenue. There was also a long line for watermelon that sells $3 for a huge wedge and near the Washington Monuments, firefighters and U.S. police officers sprayed hoses into the crowd.

“I need some Air-conditioning unit, “Brook Fenske, 16, of Elgin Minn., “It doesn’t get this hot in my home state.”. She added.

In Bellevue, Iowa, a 60-year-old woman was killed and at least 23 other were injured after two runaway horses pulling a wagon took off and runs through spectators along the streets, police said. Four of the other victims are critically injured.

At White House, the First Family celebrated the holiday by hosting members of the military and their families for some barbecue, concerts and viewing the fireworks display on the South lawn of the White House.

President Barrack Obama told the guest that there are no better way to celebrate the Independence Day than with America’s extraordinary men and women in uniform and with their families.

Vice President Joe Biden is in Iraq since Saturday evening for the holiday weekend, his second visit in worn torn country this year; He attended the citizenship ceremony at one of Saddam Hussein’s former hunting house.

At Philadelphia, the place of Declaration of Independence held July 4, 1776. It will conclude Monday after 11 days of parades and concerts. A group of popular all girls singing sensation The Goo Goo Dolls headline a free concert on Sunday evening, to be followed by fireworks displays.

In Los Angeles California, there will be at least 40 fireworks display. And one of the largest is in Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Traditional celebration in Chicago that are being held a day earlier on July 3 with fireworks display that drew more than a million spectators was cancelled to save at least $500,000, but they held three smaller shows Sunday.

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