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Saturday October 21st 2017

Another One In The Obama Administration Who Hasn’t Read The AZ Immigration Bill

Arizona Immigration

Arizona Immigration

You can add Asst. Sec. of  State, P. J. Crowley to the growing list of  high level Obama officials who have been highly critical of the AZ Immigration law, and who haven’t read the bill. First, it was “Eric The Silent”, or (Eric the Red, if you prefer), who sheepishly admitted that he hadn’t actually read the thing. Then, predictably, Napolitano, under questioning couldn’t claim to have read the bill, either. And now this fool, who was put  in the difficult position of having to defend Stephen Posner’s disgusting apologia for the AZ law to the Chinese, on Fox.  

Michelle Malkin says this “makes him the 999th member of the Obama administration to admit complete ignorance of the object of his outrage. Or maybe he’s the 1,000th”…but she may be exaggerating :


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