1)      As First Dog, I am officially banning all groomers, doggie spas and baths from our society

Bark Obama Dog
Give dogs a seat at the dinner table is just one of Bark Obama Dog’s top ten demands.

2)      Humans must serve us Roast Beef every Friday
3)      Everyday is take your dog to work day under the Bark Obama Dog administration
4)      Its a law. Dogs must be allowed to sleep in bed with their human
5)      We want more walks, a small price to pay for our unconditional love
6)      From now on, dogs will be allowed in the house and on all the furniture
7)      No more table scraps, we demand a seat at the table
8)      Dogs will no longer tolerate those humiliating outfits
9)      Dogs rule, cats drool, need I say more?
10)    I have just signed a bill into law that states humans must take dogs on more car rides.