Dishonesty, deception, corruption, bribery, pathological lying, favoritism, political paybacks, rule breaking, illegal, unconstitutional, and on and on. These are the many conclusions American’s have reached regarding our political process around the latest attempt at health care “reform.”

There are many issues around the politics of health care, not the least of which is the exposure to the political process that Americans had not seen in the past. Those who supported a rapid process so the opposition could not become organized or understand the specifics of the bills have been terribly disappointed. The opposition has been clear, organized, specific, lengthy, persistent and determined. The American people are tuned into this debate and they will not stand down as this becomes law.

But make no mistake. This plan to greatly expand the reach of government is not the end. This is the beginning. We should all expect to see the same political process that occurred around health care to be used for other legislation such as immigration, cap-and-trade, tax increases (think national sales or VAT tax), further growth in health care legislation (think single payer), more control of the private sector and even more tax increases.

The worst part of this whole process is that it will be up to the courts in this country to decide if this legislation will stand. Disappointingly, it will not be up to the American people. The courts will likely put some limits on ObamaCare since there is no constitutional authority to force American’s to spend their money on anything. It will be unlikely that Obama will have large congressional majorities after the 2010 election to run corrective legislation to any court rulings.

There will be legislative attempts to repeal this monster of a bill. Some may or will be successful while many will not. So long as Obama is in the White House, he will not support any changes to “his” bill and will veto everything that hits his desk that does not confirm his original intent.

Republicans may dream of super-majorities in both houses of Congress to override Obama’s certain vetoes. But these hopeful Americans will be disappointed yet again. Why? – because Republicans share as much if not more blame than Democrats for allowing ObamaCare to pass because they lost so many seats in Congress that allowed Democrats to run this game. So, Republicans will not gain as many seats as they hope for since American’s are as disgusted with them as they are with Democrats.

The only time for roll-backs of this or any other item on the liberal’s agenda will be after the 2012 election. That means Republicans will need to command veto-proof majorities in Congress that allow for this legislation to be revised or win the White House as well. Now that the Democrats have set new boundaries for rule breaking, bribery and other deceitful behavior, expect nothing less from the Republicans should they gain some control of Congress and attempt to roll-back ObamaCare.

Many have suggested that removing incumbents will send a message that we don’t support this type of growth in government. Maybe. But, our country elected a socialist President and an even more liberal Congress and we got exactly what was predicted – massive growth in government and control of both individuals and the private sector. So, for now we will have to deal with a political majority who believes in growing our government beyond any expectation.

The only real reform will come when Americans believe this is still the greatest country in the world and there is such a thing as living as an American, not just being an American. That means personal responsibility, knowing right from wrong, understanding our Constitution and history, knowing basic economics, recognizing and demanding freedom instead of agreeing to incremental government growth and control, and so on. There is hope that Americans will take this approach and begin holding elected officials accountable for not living as Americans but as European socialists. This hope applies to City Councils and County Commissioners to school boards, state legislators, Governors, Congressmen and Women and The President.

Let’s hope that what our founders established for us allows for corrective action on ObamaCare and other liberal plans to control our country.