Liberals across this great country have made many false claims since Arizona exercised its right as a state to deal with a problem claimed to be the province of the federal government. Never mind that the federal government is not dealing with the problem. Or that it is a crime to be in this country illegally; or that Arizona is taking federal law and codifying it at the state level; or that federal law requires that those who gain citizenship in this country carry their documents demonstrating their new found citizenship.

So, let’s take a look at the practical aspects of implementing this new law. First, police can’t profile someone based on their skin color. They can only begin to inquire about someone’s immigration status based on probable cause (usually the province of the far left that uses this as an excuse to find those who are guilty to be found innocent.) This means that they must have come into contact with the officer for some other activity – traffic stop or accident; domestic disputes; drug possession or dealing; murder, rape, robbery or some other suspected crime. The person stopped must then demonstrate behavior that causes the officer to believe they may be in this country illegally. It could be their speech or inability to communicate or their inability to show proper identification such as a drivers license or passport.

If the person stopped does not have proper identification, which happens frequently with police stops, they can and sometimes are taken to a police station in an attempt to establish the person’s identity. This happens regardless of the person’s race or speech or skin color. Why? Because criminals often times try to conceal their true identity so the police don’t find that they have warrants or may be in violation of parole or probation. The person stopped could be of Irish or Italian dissent or may be from India or Saudi Arabia or maybe a Latin country such as Mexico, Ecuador or Argentina.

The point is this – it does not matter where the person who comes into contact with the police is from – it matters if they have a proper form of identification. The new Arizona law allows for a drivers license to suffice in this regard.

Now, it happens to be true that Arizona has an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens in the state and most are Hispanic. So, police are naturally going to inquire about the immigration status of more Hispanics for two reasons. First, Hispanics are more likely to come into contact with the police purely based on the numbers of Hispanics living in Arizona. Second, and most importantly, Hispanics represent the most recognized group of illegal aliens in the state.

Those two reasons are enough for those on the left to claim this will result in racial profiling. If that is what they are looking for then they will certainly find it and the straw man argument that Hispanics will be targeted will always be true in the mind of a liberal who hates the idea of racial profiling.

The simple answer to all of this is to:1) enforce the existing laws on immigration in order to prevent the drain these people have put on the legal tax paying residents of Arizona and elsewhere for services such as healthcare, schools, law enforcement and housing; 2) capture and deport as may illegal aliens as possible in order to promote legal immigration; 3) revise federal immigration laws in order to welcome a larger number of legal immigrants who come to this country with a purpose such as becoming a legal resident, paying their share of taxes; learning the English language; and contributing to this country rather than taking from this country; and 4) remove as many illegal aliens from the terrible price they have to pay to those who exploit them – those who handle their transportation and entry, their production of fake identification; their use of fake social security numbers, and those who beat, assault and sexually abuse these people who do not want to contact law enforcement for fear of deportation.

To those cities such as San Francisco, who voted to prevent their housing authority from attending a conference in Phoenix since this law was passed; there are more important questions to ask such as “why do you need to spend tax payer money to travel to Phoenix when your job is in San Francisco?”

To those who support and admire Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer and the legislature, hold firm. More states will follow Arizona’s lead and begin to implement their own immigration plans? Why? Because those of us who are legally in this country no longer want our tax dollars to support someone who is in this country illegally. It is hand in glove with the larger issue that government has grown too large and we pay too much in taxes.

And to those who claim the Hispanic vote is too important and they can’t be offended by toughening immigration laws – they will be supporting a fools errand. This country has grown tired of being told it is unwise to speak your mind and to have firm and solid beliefs in right and wrong. That realization may be the unintended consequence of a socialist President Obama and his cohorts Reid and Pelosi. So be it!